Scammers and unfair!

I have had my account frozen now for a long time, including them holding on to a 4 figure sum of money of mine. They have made me run through hoops to ‘allegedly’ verify my account, even though they kept moving the goalposts on what they deemed acceptable. I have now satisfied everything, including having to get a bank statement posted to my address (as they blanket refused any online statements – who knows why in this day and age, just to be awkward in my eyes). I have sent this off to them and had no reply now in two weeks. I have chased several times. I have ended up on the live chat three times and told my enquiry would be dealt with within 24 hours….nothing has changed. Clearly they are just holding on to the money and looking for other things to hold on / steal my money. I have sent above and beyond what would be required to legitimately verify my account. And to think they have frozen all access to my account and money to do this. This is not fair practice. I have asked for the information to make a complaint and take this out of their hands – i was just told to hunt details down in the pages and pages of terms and conditions!!!

I would avoid at all costs!!! Scammers and unfair!!!!!

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