BE VERY CAREFUL! Made an account, deposited £20, not £10 as required for £30 bonus. Spent 10 and qualified so I claimed. Back to games and in a short time was at £180, ish. Then try to play jackpot games. They show my balance as 0.02p. Customer Service say that when the bonus is paid, the bonus then spends before any money deposited AFTER it’s paid…so they claim anything you won was won with the bonus. IT DOES NOT STATE that even if you have real money in the pot already, the bonus will still play first…so your winnings, they say, are still “restricted” and subject to the £600 wager requirements. Pointed this out to them but they will not lift the restriction so I am limited to slots rather than the potentially lucrative jackpot games. They have ASSUMED that if I have a bonus, I don’t want to use real money first….but it never states that the bonus plays first when a real deposit was already there in any of the T’s & C’s. So right now, they have restricted usage and ownership of winnings I have (close to £200) until I satisfy the hefty wagering requirements. Foxy….I understand you safeguarding your £30 sums, but since you don’t state in any of the small print that a bonus received AFTER a real deposit will still spend first, I believe that’s at best misleading and at worst downright illegal. Just be aware guys. And if anyone legal out there has any input on this, I’d be interested to hear it.

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