This site used to be very good in my eyes fast withdrawals, quick customer service but over the last 3 weeks it has been really bad, i won £3800 and requested the withdrawal via bank transfer which is the method i usually use and it is instant normally but this time i was waiting 3 days just for it to be processed by the payments team so i went on chat only to be told there was a back log of withdrawal requests and that it would be done in due time, i did receive the money after about 4days but this is not on as i should be instant, anyway i go to log on few days later my account is locked because it needs verification need to send id picture and proof of address anyway i do it straight away go on to chat to try speed it up and get it done whilst on chat but am told there is a back log in this as well and it will take upto 4 days to be looked at, i have around £350 sitting in my leo account and want to log in so i can withdraw my money but i can not so in total to make that withdrawal i will have been waiting about a week but maybe longer is this what you expect from a site when the withdrawals are meant to be instant, also i am VIP 59 on here and the customer service is shocking they dont care what level you are an as for bonuses they font don’t exist anyway my advice if your a member of leo withdraw and use a different site and if your thinking of join AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID

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