Poker tournaments are increasingly in demand. And anyone who wants to impress guests and ensure. That the investment in an event has a return needs to guarantee differentials.

There are many events that companies organize for different purposes. Such as conventions or get-togethers. But in all of them, surprising employees or guests is essential for success.

Therefore, to break the formal atmosphere and provide unforgettable moments. Poker tournaments have been a great ally! In addition to entertainment, they become a tool for interaction and observation.

Learn about the advantages and what to do to ensure this incredible experience for your guests:


In which situations to organize Poker tournaments?

The first step is knowing when to organize poker tournaments. Nowadays, this type of attraction and activity is quite versatile. It can be used in situations such as teamwork , behavioral analysis , corporate events , celebrations or group dynamics .

By allowing integration and stimulating creativity, it can be practiced by executives and employees of all levels. And the good thing is that it can also contribute to staff development.

How can I provide this experience to my employees?

To ensure that poker tournaments bring good results, a sure tip is to hire a company with all the necessary infrastructure. With the ability to provide an experience as close to complete as possible, this supplier guarantees greater success to the event.

In addition, a specialized company can bring the whole climate of competition and challenge to make the day really different. Without involving real bets, but bringing scenarios very inspired by the real ones, decoration items and equipment coming straight from Las Vegas, for example, can inspire guests even more.

Hire a provider that specializes in Business Poker

It is important that the company has practice in organizing various tournament dynamics. This factor includes aspects that range from a team trained to understand and guide the development of the event, croupiers who teach the various games, to professional tables, printed rules, chips, lighting, chairs and even computer programs that help with tournament statistics. .

The ” slot machines “, machines Bitstarz that simulate “bets” with coins, are also part of the possible scenario, making the environment more inviting.

Meet and encourage employees

In the business sector and not only in private parties. The question of how to make the guests stay longer. Feel comfortable and entertained. Talk and engage, getting the best out of the occasion is also a concern!

Since in the formal work environment conversations can be limited or people can be more shy. This is a great opportunity to break the ice!

Poker tournaments range from 15 to 500 participants. In each round. It is possible to involve different players, making them interact with each other. This time is also ideal for introducing themselves and exchanging information about how to play and sharing personality traits, generating identification.

Involve different types  of Poker tournaments

To further diversify the experience. It is possible to choose different types of Poker. All can entertain collaborators and guests at your event, encouraging their “ingenuity”.
Texas Hold’em Poker, for example, involves tactics, analysis, concentration. Strategy and risk and works on different characteristics in the ability to plan and make attempts.

Caribbean Poker, on the other hand, makes the guest play directly with the croupier. being even more challenged and being able to develop even more in the techniques of entertainment.

At the tables, other popular games like Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Craps (dice) and Baccarat* bring the magic of Las Vegas to the corporate poker event .

And then, how about making a budget and hiring us to make your event look totally different, providing unforgettable moments for your employees and guests?

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