The Rise Of Online Gambling It Is Not Just A Game

In recent times, there has been Rise Of Online Gambling significant growth in the online casino industry. As of the time of writing, the industry is valued at $61 billion. This value can only expand and grow bigger. According to Statista, this value is predicted to rise to approximately $93 billion by 2023. Market growth of over 50% within a couple of years is incredible.

The Rise Of Online Gambling has greatly benefitted from the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis. All across the world, government lockdown regulations forced people to stay at home. As a result, it became almost impossible for punters to visit land-based casinos to play games. So, for them to keep doing what they love, they had to engage in online gambling. It provided the chance to play games without breaking any lockdown protocol and players get to play all the games they enjoy at land-based casinos. 

Why has online casino gambling become so prevalent?

Since its inception, the online casino industry has grown markedly and its influence can be felt all over the world. There are several reasons for this – some of which are discussed below:

Advancement in technology – Rise Of Online Gambling

It is not a strange fact that almost everyone has a smartphone now. There was a time when that was not the case when mobile phones were not as common as they are now. Currently, technology keeps advancing and the availability of mobile phones means that almost everybody can start gambling online if they want, as long as there is easy access to the internet. As a result, online gambling Foxy-Casino has become readily available for gamblers. The convenience associated with gambling from any location means that you do not have to leave where you are or travel to any land-based casino to play games. 

However, if you prefer to have an experience that is akin to gambling traditionally, there are live casinos that can help you with that. You get to play with a real dealer easily. This great feature improves players’ user experience. The online gambling business can only keep growing along with the prevalence of technology.

The global pandemic and lockdown protocols

As mentioned above, the occurrence of the COVID-19 epidemic made it difficult for land-based casinos to operate. Consequently, there was a need for punters to play games. This platform provided the only feasible means to gamble and players found it quite helpful. 

Also, it is worth pointing out that lots of people lost their jobs due to the effect the pandemic had on the global economy. Besides the fact that online gambling provided an outlet for some to vent out their frustration and prevent depressions, it also provided a means of employment for many. Those who made consistent winnings had a good source of income. This endeared people to gambling on the internet. 

According to Google Trends, it was reported that the highest increase in online gaming occurred in July 2020 – right at the period when many countries began to enforce the lockdown rules. 

Online gambling is safe

While many people might have some unsavory experiences with online gaming many years ago when technology was not that popular and regulations were not so strict, that has ceased to be the case at the moment. Generally, people are cautious of fake websites – and understandably so. 

Currently, the online casino sites are as secure as their land-based counterparts. There are lots of measures that are in place to ensure that players are shielded from fake online casinos and also to ensure that such spurious websites are taken down.

It has become easier for players to find casino sites with a good atmosphere to play. As a result, you can safely make transactions on several gambling platforms without the constant fear of being deceived. You are sure of the security of your winnings.

There are lots of bonuses and a great number of games to play

One of the greatest advantages players experience when playing online is the bonus casino operators offer. The online gambling industry is highly competitive and because of this. Most casinos sites provide great offers and bonuses for new and existing players to enjoy. This serves as a great edge for online gambling over land-based casino gambling and players are attracted to enjoy these amazing bonuses and promotions. For instance, a review of bet365 can provide you with an example of what you can expect while gambling online.

Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that players find it better to gambling on platforms that provide way more games than they can enjoy – online casinos are great at this. Many casino sites offer thousands of games for punters to enjoy. Different games offer different odds to win. With the availability of such a great selection of games, it becomes easier for players to find games that they can enjoy.

Final Verdict

Online gambling has become popular among gamblers. Its availability and many other reasons, as mentioned above, have contributed to its rise. Besides this, fewer legislation issues and the reduced cost of gambling have also encouraged people to gamble on the internet. It is safe to affirm that as the internet grows, so too will gambling on it. 

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