Esports Betting – Guide to Playing Esports Betting in Vietnam

Esports (e-sports) has been growing Esports Betting in Vietnam very strongly in recent years and has become a billion-dollar industry, attracting millions of players and viewers around the world and tournaments. top fight. In Vietnam, Esports is gradually becoming a topic that attracts the attention of young people.

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The huge rewards from major tournaments are one of the levers for the growth of Esports. Therefore, Esports betting (Esports betting) also develops in parallel to meet the needs of fans. If you are an Esports fan and also an online betting lover, then Esports betting is your chance to make money with your hobby. Let’s learn a little bit about Esports betting.

A Brief About Esports

Esports is an abbreviation of the word Electronics Sports, which translates into Vietnamese as electronic sports games. Competition environment is virtual space, each game will have a different animation. The game genres often used in Esports competition are often role-playing, fighting, and highly strategic games. Esports tournaments focus on the most popular and largest players worldwide. For example, currently League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DotA 2, etc. are popular games.

Game publishers are increasingly focusing on developing the visuals, so that watching the match is more attractive. Tournament organizers recruit streamers (commentators) with good, professional voices. Viewers increasingly benefit from watching tournaments like football matches. VETV is a good example in Vietnam that any Esports player knows.

About Esports Betting

Esports betting is simply understood as a form of betting on an Esports match. Specifically, when an Esports tournament takes place, the bookie will organize bets between the playing teams and the players will bet on the team they believe to win. Esports betting is similar to football betting, so it attracts a lot of people to participate.

Every year, there are many tournaments organized, from the city level to the country, continent or world, attracting millions of viewers. Viewers not only watch but also trust their favorite team to win. In addition to simple win/lose betting, there are other rich and diverse betting contents such as which team wins the first match, the total number of matches is more or less, the team wins the first 5 points…

The Esports online betting market is becoming extremely exciting with  high odds, big payouts, and players can also easily receive money to their accounts thanks to the fast payout speed. Therefore, eSports betting, although still quite new, is receiving great attention from many betting players in Vietnam.

Esports Betting – Guide to Playing Esports Betting in Vietnam

General principles of Esports betting :

The official results announced by the contest organizers will be used for betting results. In the event of a match being suspended, bets will only be valid if the match is held within 48 hours of the original schedule. If a player or team that has the right to play in the match has the MFortune wrong nickname or smurf account, bets will still stand.

  • Bets are void in case a player or team is found cheating before the match starts.
  • For live matches, bets are void when the match is replayed due to signal loss or a draw.

Find Out Information Before Betting – Esports Betting in Vietnam

If you want to bet on a certain team, then you need to know all the information about that team, as well as the parameters related to the match. Then, you have to choose the right odds, analyze in detail each information that you collect. Whatever you do, you must have a clear plan to ensure victory in your hand.

Esports betting will have a lot of different tournaments, you need to determine which game you will bet on. For example, you will bet on DOTA 2, LOL or CS: GO, etc. Next you have to find out the tournaments of each game in each region. Esports betting currently has many different types of bets, depending on the bookmaker you join, there will be different types of bets. Some popular types of bets:

  • Betting for real money: is the most traditional bet. You will choose the bets provided by the bookie and then place real money on the match. If the outcome of the match matches your prediction, you get money.
  • Item bet (Skin): bet on items in the virtual system between players.
  • Bet on the score for the match: that is, you will catch the score for that round, the match result is exactly what you predicted, then you win the bet.
  • Handicap: You give a handicap and the team that plays will handicap the other team.
  • Over/Under bet: predict whether the total number of goals scored by both teams will be Over or Under a certain factor.
  • Odd/Even: predict the total number of goals scored by both teams to score Odd or Even.
  • Time bets: bets on whether the match will take place under or over 15 minutes. It is difficult to determine the playing time of both teams; unless there is a huge difference between the two teams. Bet on the team to win the first 5 points: is a very popular type of bet, whereby players will bet on which team can get 5 points from the opponent first.

First Blood Bet – Esports Betting in Vietnam

This bet is quite unlucky and it is difficult to determine which team can win within the first 5-10 minutes. Bet on which team will win the first match: based on your knowledge and understanding to bet on which team will win the first match. Champion bet: is the final bet, betting on the team that has the ability to win in the end. There will be up to 5 matches, so the possibility of flipping the bet is also very high. Therefore, you need to think carefully before making a betting decision.

Esports Betting Experience Hundred Match Hundred Wins

Depending on the type of game, there will be many different ways of betting, each tournament also has different competition rules. So, as mentioned above, before participating in betting, take the time to learn about the game, tournament and gameplay, the current performance of the playing teams. This will help you a lot in making accurate assessments.

Thoroughly research the e-sports you intend to participate in. This is an extremely important factor to be able to bet on Esports. If you play football betting, you may not play football but just watch a few football matches and still be able to play. But with Esports betting, you need to know the content, how to play, the rules of each game, even if you have to play those games to be able to understand and make bets. Learn more about the players, judge them through their history, through the general guilds. This helps you make an accurate judgment about the possibility of winning the team you are interested in.

Do Not Play All Hands, Bet All on a Single Match, a Single Bet.

Statistically monitor the relevant data that the bookie provides, which is all useful information. Refer to other gamers, they will help you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each team. From there you can draw your own comments and bets.

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Choosing ladder bets when playing, this is a pretty smart bet. Because of this bet you will have a very low start. When you see an advantage you will increase. The bet according to the appropriate ratio. In case the bet door you choose does not have an advantage. When changing you do not lose too much capital. Do not follow the crowd psychology, this is the most remarkable point. When playing bets. Because not every bet that has many players place on. It also has a high win rate. Sometimes the victory lies in. The low bets that few people pay attention to.


Above are the basic introduction to Esports betting. Hopefully through this article, you can better understand what Esports betting is and are ready to join today to win handsome rewards.

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