Five Blackjack Strategies You Need to Know

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world and is represented in almost every modern online casino. Professional Blackjack players which correctly use the basic Blackjack strategies have the opportunity to gain a significant advantage over the casino. WinnerzOn Casino offers you to experience the live Blackjack with Twin-com real dealers developed by famous providers – Ezugi and Evolution Gaming. Ezugi is a Live dealer provider, offering games with additional interactive features such as live chat, while Evolution Gaming is the largest developer and provider of Live Casino games. Find more information here.

1. The basic Blackjack Strategies

In Blackjack, winning depends not only on your luck but also on your skills. This completely differs this game from other casino games. So, what is the most optimal basic Blackjack strategy? This is a specially developed system based on accurate mathematical calculations for various game situations. This strategy is ideal in all circumstances and is very beneficial to the player. The optimal Blackjack strategy can be represented in the table, in which:

  •  H, Hit (buy-in);
  •  S – Stand or stand;
  •  D or Double, if you cannot double, then it means to make a purchase;
  •  Ds is a Double, when doubling is not possible, then stand;
  •  P, that is Split;
  •  H/P – means Split, when it is allowed to double the bets after the split, if not – buy;
  •  H/R or Surrender if possible, otherwise – buy-in;
  •  J is Jack;
  • Q or Queen;
  • K-King;
  • A, that is Ace.

Five Blackjack Strategies You Need to Know

That is Ace:

For example, if you have only nine points, the dealer opens a six, then you can look at this table, which tells D, that is, the player should double. Why do you need to do this? You can see the effectiveness of this method in this example: the six, of course, is not the best card. And if the dealer takes the second card and it turns out to be a ten or a picture, then having sixteen points, he increases the probability of bust.

What is very important – this table is only Strategies suitable if we are talking about playing classic Blackjack with standard rules, meaning, the dealer can’t buy up to seventeen soft hand (six and ace), you can double your bets only after dividing the combinations and you are allowed to divide only no more than three times. This is a perfect working strategy, reducing the casino’s advantage ratio to half a percent. After a certain period of practice, you will be able to play the game without a table and will understand the whole mathematical essence of the strategy.

2. Betting system ” 1-3-2-6”

The betting system “1-3-2-6” is quite popular in the Blackjack world. However, it may seem a bit confusing, so we hope to be able to explain it with the example below:

The “1-3-2-6” betting system works on the principle of increasing your bet by a certain sequence multiplier (in the specified order) each time you win, up to four bets. For example, you can bet $10 and win, then bet $10 again, then $ 30, $20, and finally $60, and then return to the first position of the sequence.

The goal of this system is to minimize the risk because when you lose, you immediately return to your initial bet of $10.

3. “Manhattan 2-1-2”

The Manhattan 2-1-2 system Strategies is another popular player choice. It also seeks to minimize risks and is build a pattern of gradual rate increases but in increments smaller than the “1-3-2-6” system. Whichever value you start with, if you win, you bet one dollar or a unit of any other currency you use in the game. If you win again, you raise your bet twice, then again, the original amount, then double the amount if all your games end successfully and you win. If you lose, you go back to your initial bet. As it turns out that if you use this system, you can lose several games, but still win.

4. “Martingale”

The “Martingale” system Strategies is probably the simplest strategy of all. It helps the player to always get a win, but first, he needs to lose several times. To use this strategy in Blackjack, you need to double your bet every time you lose. For example, if you bet $10 and lose, your next bet will be $20. If you win, you lose $30 and earn $40, which brings you a profit of $10. However, this is a very risky system, we advise you to use it only if you have enough money for spending on Blackjack, and you are ready to lose a certain amount of it.

5. Flat betting system

Our last method is also very simple. You bet the same amount of money every time, and then you will not suffer losses, always only multiplying your deposits. This is not the most exciting strategy, but it will allow you to minimize the risks and control the situation in the game.

Online Blackjack

Nowadays Blackjack is gaining great popularity in online casinos, where the game process takes place using special software that operates based on a random number generator. Another option is to play with a real dealer in real-time. The live broadcast is conducted from a special studio that looks like a real casino. The game process can be watched by several players at the same time.

The dealer deals the cards, shuffles the deck in front of the camera, which creates an additional guarantee of honesty. Thanks to this approach, the atmosphere of the game is created, similar to a real casino. Users who can count cards can use this advantage to win the online version of blackjack.

You can apply more sophisticated game strategies and tactics while playing online Blackjack, which significantly increases your winning chances. And knowing not only the main but also additional strategies based on mathematics, you maximize the possibility of successful rounds of online Blackjack.

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